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Documents 18-Year-Olds Should Sign By Labor Day

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2018

A year ago, @BenefitsLady was wrapping up final details to send my eldest off to college. Having finalized the Bed Bath & Beyond College Order, we were set to pick up our items across the country move-in weekend. The finish line was near. And then it wasn’t.

A peer (also up to her eyeballs in college prep) relayed a parental nightmare about a friend’s son who was hospitalized out-of-state during college. The parents couldn’t get any information for several days about his condition because he was 18. She asked me if I’d had my daughter sign releases in case of an emergency at school. Um, no. That hadn’t made it on the list.

When she turned 18 a few months prior, my attention was on the “Adult” All-Access Pass she now had to vote, get her ears double pierced without mom present, purchase a lottery ticket and skydive. She signed away her rights (pictured here and posted with permission) and jumped out of a plane on her actual...

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