Pay attention for the mic drop moment. 🎤💥

I'm an optimistic skeptic. Or a practical visionary. Or a grounded dreamer. Does that make sense? The blessing (and burden) of being in the 30-year club is that I know some "things" and there's a risk that experience is an obstacle instead of simply informative as I work with teams to modernize how they work.

I'm constantly balancing the healthy tension that exists when you've been at this for a while. Can you relate?

As a part of the onboarding process for the Account Executive Academy we just launched, I've done 1:1 interviews with 20 Benefits Account Executives over the past 10 days. We'll be working (and learning) together over the next 6 months. The headline?

Your key talent is ready. They want more and have ideas about what you might do more of (and less of) to continue doing great work.  They're up for a challenge and eager to connect with industry peers. I can't wait to see what breakthroughs occur with these key stakeholders from across the country.

I took TONS of notes during our calls this past week. One quote stands out from an AE who also manages a team. She's a veteran at her firm and spoke with such clarity:

"I'm training our analysts to be what we want, not who we are." 

Wait. What? She repeated that to me. Wow.

Can you say that about yourself and your team? It takes a tremendous amount of knowledge, confidence, and humility to have that awareness. I like the odds of any company in the employee benefits space who can channel the spirit of her comment. You can concurrently be proud of what you've accomplished and aware you need to modernize and evolve.

Do you have leaders (not to be confused with managers) that know it's time to change? They may need your help and encouragement. Even during "busy season" they want to have that conversation with you. Just ask them.