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Account Manager Academy

Modernize and uplevel project management and communication skills for your Account Managers of any experience level with a three-month, cohort-based program.

Asynchronous learning modules cover industry insights and implementation best practices contextualized within the client lifecycle. They'll also benefit from checklists, sample work product, and time-saving Excel and Outlook tips.

Employee Benefits client service veterans facilitate weekly peer sessions and provide 1:1 coaching to accelerate growth at any level.

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Our Goal: Help Account Managers at any experience level strengthen and modernize their project management and communication skills throughout the employee benefits client lifecycle.

2024 Cohorts 

All cohorts meet at 10 am Pacific/11 am Mountain/ 12 pm Central/ 1 pm Eastern

February Cohort



March Cohort



June Cohort




  • On-Demand Learning Modules following the Client Lifecycle: Strategic Planning, Renewal, Marketing, Open Enrollment, Post-OE, etc.

  • 12 One-Hour Group Coaching Sessions with an emphasis on presentation skills

  • New Business Overview led by Jenn Walsh

  • Unlimited Opportunities for 1:1 Coaching

  • Searchable "live" glossary with 850+ acronyms, concepts & terms, authored and peer reviewed by employee benefit veterans
  • Activities to Initiate & Foster Connection Within the Firm
  • Weekly Focused Work Sessions (Optional)
  • Bonus Q4 Readiness Program (August - September)
  • Bonus Shift Your INTRO Program (On demand)


  • Finding Time to Do the Work
  • Clients Hire You to Be Led™
  • High-Performing Teams
  • Client Lifecycle: Strategic Planning
  • Client Lifecycle: Renewal
  • Client Lifecycle: Marketing
  • Client Lifecycle: Decisions & Implementations
  • Client Lifecycle: Open Enrollment
  • Client Lifecycle: Post-Open Enrollment
  • Ongoing: Client Management
  • New Business

We’ll discuss why some struggle or survive at each stage while others succeed (even when things go sideways).

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Express Account Manager Academy

Express Account Manager Academy

Available February 15th

  • For firms who need an immediate and effective learning solution, we now offer an on-demand and asynchronous version of our flagship Account Manager Academy. This program delivers identical learning module content, without weekly cohort calls or access to immediate coaching.


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Who is a Good Fit for the Account Manager Academy?

New Nancy

Whether a new college grad or mid-career transfer, she wants to gain an understanding of the role as quickly as possible. Weekly activities prompt connections in remote or hybrid work settings. She'll bring questions to supervisors and you’ll give her a tangible way to show her engagement & readiness.

Transition Tom

A strong performer in the EB practice but not yet on a client team (e.g. analyst, client advocate, wellness coordinator), he needs a broader perspective of the business. Supervisors want him but are stretched for time to get him up & running. While still performing his current duties he’ll complete the program so he is role ready.

Covid Carol

Hired or promoted during the pandemic, she'd benefit from additional training. She jumped in at "season six" and needs to catch up on the first five seasons (i.e. gain industry knowledge + fill gaps.) She's benefitted from on-the-job experience but would accelerate her learning & maximize impact by collaborating with a coach and learning from peers.

Stalled Sam

You’re not sure if they’ve stalled because of COVID, inconsistent training/resources or boredom in their role. Are they frustrated because they haven’t been promoted or feel underappreciated? Provide a framework and community to help Sam refresh and reset their role so they’re less likely to quit and clients will get great work.

Longtime Louise

A proven high performer in client service; she’s mastered the basics of how things are done at your firm. She might be supervising a team (or will soon) and is interested in sourcing ideas for improving processes and leading a team. Newfound skills & resources may prepare her to transition into the AE role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Service Academy Participant Love

Jenn Walsh

Founder & Content Creator

Jenn has 33 years of hands-on experience driving organizational growth as a salesperson, agency owner, business development leader, strategic consultant and coach. 

She developed her Employee Benefits expertise within insurance carriers, a full-service brokerage firm and by holding several national industry association leadership roles. A sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator and objective advisor, she’s increasingly focused on the interdependence of successful sales and service teams. 

Known as an authentic business partner, she's passionate about inspiring and preparing teams to lead clients with confidence. 

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Jan Currie

Lead Coach & Facilitator 


Jenn and Jan worked together for years, so when the time came to expand programming to Account Managers in 2022, what better choice than “the best Account Manager, perhaps ever."

Organized, efficient, and effective, Jan brings 25+ years of consulting experience to the Account Manager Academy. She has direct experience solving complex client problems while maintaining high client satisfaction and retention rates. In her independent consulting business, Jan lends insights and provides interim project support to employee benefits brokers, HR executives and other professionals informed by her degree in industrial & organizational psychology.

Based on the core fundamentals of the AE Academy, Jenn and Jan developed content and activities that will supercharge Account Managers. Jan's experience as a Client Service team supervisor will be invaluable as she leads discussions in weekly live coaching hours.


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