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Account Executive Academy

Offered once a year, the Account Executive Academy supercharges key talent to confidently lead their clients, teams and careers. Participants identify behavioral patterns and workshop strategies, alongside a nationwide network of peers, to move their business forward. Career development delivered with a dose of humor!

Grounded in practicality, the six-month program combines live community sessions with on-demand learning modules and unlimited 1:1 coaching from Jenn Walsh. Monthly themed topics following key milestones in the client lifecycle encourage self-reflection and invite practicing collaboration, delegation, negotiation and the critical skill of making a business case.

GenuineShift’s flagship program has supported 125+ Account Executives - from rising stars to seasoned veterans - since its launch in 2019.



Our Goal: Optimize firm growth by helping your key talent find the capacity to say ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ to additional challenges.¬†

Discover how to...

  • Make a business case
  • Control the calendar to combat our crisis of busyness
  • Embrace change & innovation without overwhelm
  • Get curious about client profiles & preferences
  • Negotiate deadlines & deliverables
  • Effectively delegate in a hybrid world
  • Make a recommendation (instead of option overwhelm)
  • Accelerate learning with your peers
  • Stay grounded with the SHIFT framework instead of overreacting to the day's events.


  • On-Demand Learning Modules + Resource Library
  • One-Hour Community¬†sessions 2¬†Fridays per month
  • 30-minute small group extended "office hour"¬†sessions (optional)
  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching with Jenn via¬†"Ask a Coach" tool
  • Weekly Focused Work Sessions (optional)
  • NEW -¬†Shift Your INTRO - Impactful Business Introductions (On demand)
  • NEW - Q4 Readiness Program (August - September)
  • NEW - Media (book + podcast) Recommendations

The Investment



Who is a Good Fit for the Account Executive Academy?

Note: may be Senior Account Manager, Client Executive, or Consultant in some firms.

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Battlefield Betty

She's a high-performer who got promoted earlier than expected (or will soon) as a result of staffing changes, sudden growth, or both. She understands how her firm works but is not confident (yet) in the Account Executive role. Having access to peers and coaches will accelerate her progress after her battlefield promotion.

Transition Tina

A proven employee benefits professional, she wants to adapt her experience from HR or from an insurance carrier to the firm. The practice needs the experienced talent but supervisors are stretched for time and worried about getting her up and running and positioned for success. Especially in a hybrid work environment, access to peers will be invaluable in building her confidence.

Day-to-Day Dan

He knows the fundamentals but has difficulty thinking strategically. He's frustrated about receiving feedback that he's not innovative or creative. Producers know he is a solid team player but need him to operate at a higher level in order to rely on him more heavily. He'll leverage the Community to increase his confidence in client management.

Stretched-Too-Thin Shane

They understand employee benefits but have difficulty getting out from under the tactical work and working strategically with clients. They are always SO busy and don't have the capacity for any new work. They know they need to delegate more effectively and/or work more efficiently but miss opportunities because they're always so busy.

Loyal Lucy

A proven high-performer in client service, she's mastered the basics of how to serve the average client. She's ready to take on more complex + challenging clients and would benefit from learning from peers to increase confidence and creativity. She may also manage a team and will source ideas about how to improve processes for her practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Service Academy Participant Love

Jenn Walsh

Lead Coach & Facilitator 

Jenn has 33 years of hands-on experience driving organizational growth as a salesperson, agency owner, business development leader, strategic consultant and coach. 

She developed her Employee Benefits expertise within insurance carriers, a full-service brokerage firm and by holding several national industry association leadership roles. A sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator and objective advisor, she’s increasingly focused on the interdependence of successful sales and service teams. 

Known as an authentic business partner, she's passionate about inspiring and preparing teams to lead clients with confidence. 

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