Engagement Results and a Challenge


Who needs to hear what you have to say, but needs to hear it differently? 🤷‍♀️

I took my own advice to test engagement and added a video to my weekly email last week.

Same message, but a different format, with super interesting results. 🤯

Slightly fewer people opened the email...but...

3x as usual engaged & responded about what was/wasn't working for them

Most weren't even subscribers who typically open the email. 

I find that fascinating and a good reminder to make sure you've tried multiple options before throwing in the towel and proclaiming that NOTHING is working.

It doesn't matter how many emails you're "pushing out"...

Engagement is the most important metric.

The second thing on my mind is the importance of alignment with your team. You need to clarify and verify what they need you to do "more of" and "less of" to move your collective goals forward.

Make it ok for them to tell you the truth by giving some options.

This isn't about anyone being wrong or not having good intentions. We're not good guessers.

My challenge to you? Start that conversation with at least one colleague today.