Why I don't think you're special and need to pivot to grow 😉

You're not that special.

Too candid?

But seriously. This year hasn't gone according to plan for anyone. Anywhere.

Your process to woo prospects and serve clients isn't so "special" that it should survive intact this year if you want to hit your goals.

I work with teams adapting to sell (and advise) virtually and see different mindsets even within the same company.

Some are pivoting faster than others. Have you?

People have business problems that you can solve. Their options?

  1. Keep an inferior provider or solution and accept the consequences
  2. Wait 6-18 months until you can take them to TGI Friday's or have a "proper" strategic planning meeting in a conference room before you solve the problem
  3. You solve their problem over Zoom

Resisting change or being a bit snarky about 2020 makes you normal.

If you hear yourself saying that your prospects/clients won't adapt, call me. 

I'll remind you that you're not that special.

Then I'll encourage you to get laser-focused on who needs your help.