Today's pandemic challenge? Leading while learning 🤓


2020 goals hadn’t included running a consulting and crisis (and psychic) hotline out of my dining room…Consider me the EAP plan for the industry. 😜☎️ This week’s pattern?

The novelty of shelter-in-place is gone.

Stress is 📈 as experts wrestle with how to guide customers without models, benchmarking and 5-year strategic plans.

My advice? Don’t waste energy worrying about what your client will think when they find out you don’t have all the answers in a global pandemic.

Nobody has done this before. Nobody has the “right” answers that can be audited and validated, today, when decisions have to be made.

Clients hire you to be led, and they fire you to be led.

They never cared as much about your whizbangcontrabulator risk machine as you did. They valued how you led them through the decision-making process. As you did confidently ... with your tools.

Now’s the time to rely on your skills and available resources. Walk the client through what you know, don’t know and factors other customers are considering as they weigh their options.

It’s uncomfortable learning alongside your client, but that’s what needs to be done.

You’ve got this. If you start to go wobbly and need a reminder, the crisis (psychic) hotline is open and ready.