Improve Engagement: 3 Tips in 3 Minutes


Who needs to hear what you have to say but needs to hear it differently? 🤷‍♀️ I took my own advice to test engagement and added a video to my weekly newsletter.

Same message, but a different format, with super interesting results. 🤯🤓

While slightly fewer people opened the email...3x as usual engaged and responded in detail about what was/wasn't working for them. Most weren't even subscribers who typically open the email.

The top question I get from brokers and benefits solutions is about connecting and engaging with potential customers.

📣 What's the best way to get "in" with a broker?
📣 What technique works best with a cold lead?
📣 What's better during a pandemic? Email? Phone? LinkedIn?

Are you wrestling with this and are frustrated you're not making progress? What can you try differently this week?

3 tips to get your energy and momentum back up:

🎯 Personalize and diversify your communications
🎯 Stop guessing and pay attention to what works
🎯 Get specific about the problems you can solve

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