6 Lessons From Sending Weekly Emails

It's so much easier to dish out advice than to take it...which is why I'm really proud of this anniversary.

❤️ My weekly email anniversary ❤️

A year ago I committed to consistently writing to my email subscribers every week. And while I toggled between Tuesdays and Thursdays, I did it EVERY SINGLE WEEK since last August.

Even when I was on vacation (thanks to automation) and when I had shingles (thanks to medication)...PSA: Get the Shingles vaccine if you're 50+. 

Now, if I could just get my a** on my Peloton and exercise for a year.

I consult with teams on creating contrast in their firm's offer. As important, however, is how they individually stand out and create a memorable impression.

Over the year, this process has provided me a platform to practice what I ask clients to do, including:

Be consistent & reliable. Keep showing up literally and figuratively.

Get started. The first email went to 24 people and half were friends & family. You don't have to get it right. You just have to get going.

B- work is a pass. Some weeks the emails weren't great. But I just stayed committed to hitting send. One of my favs was the Thanksgiving haiku. Most painful moments? Typos. 🤦‍♀️

Adopt new technology. I've had to leverage technology that keeps changing so there's no finish line. It means sometimes the formatting gets funky or a link doesn't work and it's so painful. And necessary.

"No" is a gift. Sometimes people unsubscribe. Ouch. That's when my advice about candor and clarity being a gift is tested. I have to take a breath and not take it personally and realize they aren't my people. I don't have what they need right now so it's better for them (and me) for us to part ways.

Email has limitations. I've recently added VideoAsk to provide people another way to connect outside their inbox. It's also been helpful for me to learn about email deliverability metrics so I can help clients understand how few prospects and clients really receive (and engage) with what they send.

Whether you were an early subscriber or newer to this community, I appreciate you and your replies so I knew what was on your mind and that someone was out there reading!

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