Account Executive Academy

The Account Executive Academy was created to help firms grow.

It's a 6-month program designed for lead client executives every firm wishes had more capacity and confidence. After you complete the basic orientation, you unlock the benefits of the community for the balance of the calendar year.


Our Goal: Optimize growth by helping your key talent find the capacity to say “yes” to additional challenges. 

Discover how to...

  • Control the calendar to combat our crisis of busyness
  • Embrace change & innovation without overwhelm
  • Get curious about client profiles & preferences
  • Negotiate deadlines & deliverables
  • Make a recommendation (instead of overwhelming with options)
  • Accelerate learning with your peers
  • Don’t overreact to the day’s events - Stay grounded with SHIFT framework

How we will work:

  • 12 On-Demand Learning Modules
  • Monthly Cohort Call (first three months)
  • 2 AE Academy Community Discussions per month
  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching via VideoAsk with Jenn
  • Optional 30-minute after party "office hour" after each group session
  • SHIFT Your Intro - Impactful Business Introductions
  • Bonus Media (book + podcast) Recommendations
Download the Program Syllabus HERE for additional information

The Investment


Amy was an Account Executive at IMA in Denver, CO. She was a founding member of the Account Executive Academy in 2019 - Cohort 1 🎉 - and was active in the community for two years.
Erin is an Account Executive at HUB in San Diego, CA and joined the Account Executive Academy in July 2021 - Cohort 5 🎉 - and will be in the Community in 2022.

 In this six-month program led by industry expert Jenn Walsh, Account Executives nationwide collaborate to enhance client leadership skills and maximize their impact within their firm.

 Now, more than ever, it's important that Account Executives are invested in, supported, and equipped to lead clients through the chaos. 

High-performing Account Executives under the age of 30 and with over 30 years of experience equally benefitted from the program.

Who is a good fit for the Account Executive Academy?

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for the July Cohort Closes on June 27th.









Jenn Walsh

Lead Coach & Facilitator 

Jenn has 32 years of hands-on experience driving organizational growth as a salesperson, agency owner, business development leader, strategic consultant and coach. 

She developed her Employee Benefits expertise within insurance carriers, a full-service brokerage firm and by holding several national industry association leadership roles. A sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator and objective advisor, she’s increasingly focused on the interdependence of successful sales and service teams. 

Known as an authentic business partner, she's passionate about inspiring and preparing teams to lead clients with confidence. 

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Account Executive Program Syllabus