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Intro to the Employee Benefits Business

Jumpstart a career or supercharge your firm’s onboarding with an on-demand program to make new(er) hires team ready.

Asynchronous modules provide an overview of the Employee Benefits ecosystem, a breakdown of the client lifecycle (including key terms), and specific advice for building a successful insurance career.

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Our Goal: Let us “teach the business” so your managers can prioritize "on-the-job training"


  • Consistency - everyone accesses the same information
  • Leverage - managers' focus on firm and client-specific training

  • Encouragement - lessons reiterate to new(er) team members that no question is a dumb question

  • Flexibility - the program can be adapted to existing onboarding + training timelines

  • Enthusiasm - we're a hype squad for careers in Employee Benefits! The program showcases all of the professional and financial upsides we believe exist for all new industry colleagues


  • Glossary-based curriculum based on real-world examples and scenarios

  • Worksheets drive participants into firm with conversation prompts, questions & activities to leverage as they get to know their roles & colleagues, accelerating team building & cohesion in a hybrid world

  • Sponsor welcome packet that provides flexible learner paths to augment and/or integrate with the firm’s internal onboarding process


  • Welcome to the Insurance Business
  • Working in an Insurance Brokerage Firm
  • Who's Who in the Employee Benefits Ecosystem
  • Clients hire you to be led.™
  • What Happens in each stage of the Employee Benefits Client Lifecycle

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Who is a Good Fit for

Intro to the Employee Benefits Business?

Covid Carol

Hired since 2020, she'd benefit from additional industry context to understand the impact of her role. She jumped in at "season six" and needs to catch up on the first five seasons (i.e. gain industry knowledge + fill gaps) to maintain career momentum.

First Job Frank

A recent high school or college graduate without industry ties, he wants to learn more about the business than could be gained in the interview process. In addition to receiving entry-level professional communication guidance, he’ll be exposed to the endless career opportunities. It’s more than “just” a job.

New Hire Noah

He’s entering the industry mid-career and wants to map similarities and differences from prior experience to his new role. While his functional job skills are transferable, his success is linked to understanding how insurance brokerage firms operate and the nuances of the employee benefits client lifecycle.

Producer Paula

She’s a proven sales professional from another industry who needs to understand how insurance brokers work and how to create contrast from her competitors. Understanding the fundamentals of the employee benefits lifecycle will jumpstart her success with less training burden on her new colleagues.

Insurance Carrier Ivan

He’s experienced in the industry at large and has collaborated with brokers but would benefit from the 360-degree overview of how brokers really work. He’ll also round out his benefits knowledge by receiving an overview of the entire employee benefits lifecycle.

Just-Looking Joan

She’s heard that she should consider roles in the insurance industry but wants to learn more about what she’d be getting into. She’ll get a good overview of the brokerage business and the employee benefits business. If she decides to move forward, she’ll be interview-ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jenn Walsh

Founder & Content Creator

Jenn has 32 years of hands-on experience driving organizational growth as a salesperson, agency owner, business development leader, strategic consultant and coach. 

She developed her Employee Benefits expertise within insurance carriers, a full-service brokerage firm and by holding several national industry association leadership roles. A sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator and objective advisor, she’s increasingly focused on the interdependence of successful sales and service teams. 

Known as an authentic business partner, she's passionate about inspiring and preparing teams to lead clients with confidence. 

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