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Founding group launched on October 1st and will be working (and learning) together through March.

Finish Strong. Fast Start.

A six-month group coaching program designed for Employee Benefits Account Executives

Finish Strong Fast Start Program & Community

October 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020

In this self-paced, six-month program, you'll gain control, confidence, and clarity on how to maximize your impact and minimize stress. We'll have fun in what one of my clients is referring to as a "mentoring party." Discover what's possible in 2020 with some shifts in how you're tackling this dynamic (crazy) business.


You'll quiet the noise and distractions that get in the way of doing your best work and add unnecessary stress. Simple tools will clarify what you should do less of and shine a light on your talents to prioritize.


You'll identify unique strengths and try new (easy) techniques to shift how you're working internally and externally. You'll work with peers on common AE confidence speedbumps. Scroll the FAQs for details. 


You'll enter 2020 relieved and with a clear vision of your role in driving profitable growth for your firm. You'll be positioned to call out what you should be doing more of to get great work done for your clients.

"Jenn is a game changer...period. My time with her made an immediate impact in my daily mindset and focus. She pours herself into her clients and has a knack for helping you re-frame your communications unlike no one I have ever come across in my 20 years being in a competitive sales role and seeing the full spectrum of trainers and coaches. Jenn just gets it. She gets your business regardless of the industry. She gets people regardless of roles. She truly is the 'consultant whisperer' if you ask me."

Christy Powell
Vice President, IMA (Wichita, KS)

How we'll work....

Breakthroughs will happen, but this is about practicality and getting big returns with the least amount of stress and effort. Trust me when I tell you that, I, "The Benefits Lady" understands that you're stretched-too-thin. I will not waste your time.

  • 30-minute onboarding call to privately discuss your priorities and preferences for the pace and schedule of the class. Evening & weekend options available.
  • Content (Self-paced and Group Calls) will cover the wide span of issues on an AE's plate: client management, internal operations/specialty resource management and new business activities (either as producer or team member.)
  • Content can be tackled at a steady pace or in chunks if "Netflix binging" is more your style.
  • Group Calls will be recorded so it's not another "have to" on your calendar. Video will be optional and there will be no role play. Ever.
  • Bonus content will include how to assess and position "new entrants" with innovative Benefits Solutions to your clients.
  • Scroll through the FAQs for more detail.

"Jenn is a highly talented business leader with the acute ability to balance creativeness, practicality, and fun as both a sales coach and business mentor. She is both inspiring in her example and thoughtful in her advice. Her insights on a business and human level intertwine perfectly with a genuineness that breeds tangible success. She possesses the ability to transform any business professional she engages into a more high functioning employee and a better overall human."

John Meister
Producer & Account Executive, Woodruff Sawyer

Curious? Here's what I've been asked (so far).

The ideal participant has 5+ years of experience, is a high performer and is considered one of the leaders of the client team. I’m using the term Account Executive but know that in some firms this may be a Senior Account Manager, Client Executive or Consultant. You may or may not have sales/revenue production goals. You may be a little bored, burned out, fatigued or feeling helpless. You'll end the program with clarity, renewed enthusiasm (grounded in reality) and empowered to lean into the work that interests you.

The program is designed to increase performance, retention and engagement. It is based on my 20%BY2020 framework in which we’re intentional about how we invest our time. Monthly activities and group coaching calls will be supplemented by recommended podcasts, books, and expert interviews to support the themes of the course. Optional small groups will be launched for comradery and support.

It varies by organization. In yours, it may be a Senior Account Manager, Client Executive or Consultants. You may or may not have a sales goal.

Most Account Executives don’t have the opportunity to network within the industry like senior management does within CIAB, NAHU, WBN, Assurex, BAN, etc. lt can even be difficult within your own organization. I know from personal experience that gaining the perspective that every firm is “going through something” is a relief. This will not be a gossip or bash session. Hearing others ask questions about their obstacles will demonstrate that your firm isn’t the only imperfect one. 😜

This will vary by person and by firm. For some it might be that it’s enough to get a dose of optimism and tangible evidence that you’re appreciated. For others, it could be asking a large client for a raise or showing up more senior and positive within your office. Optimally, you'll be well-positioned to define what you can “do more of” i.e.…gain more technical expertise, add additional clients, manage direct reports, take the lead on an initiative.

  • I'm wondering how much longer I can keep at this and feel stuck and exhausted from the non-stop running on the hamster wheel.
  • I'm a Producer and an Account Executive and feel so stuck in client work that I can’t find time to prospect.
  • I hate the idea of discussing or negotiating our fees or scope issues with my clients.
  • I'm frustrated and can't figure out how to have productive conversations with Producers so we can "say yes" to new business that's a good fit for our practice.
  • I'm overwhelmed with client work so I can't help the practice in other ways like specializing, becoming a subject matter expert or helping “level-up” others who are newer to the business.
  • I respect my Practice Leader and know that they're busy, but I'm frustrated there's never time to plan ahead with those of us who are higher performers.

The focus of the program is to optimize performance for growth. That may mean creating capacity, so you can bring new clients to the firm. It also might be that we unlock capacity so you’re able to say yes to a new client irrespective of who is bringing them into the firm. There will be an ongoing focus on up-leveling new business skills, so you're prepared on LinkedIn, are asking for references and are confident and ready to help close at a finalist meeting.

Got it. EVERYTHING I put together will be efficient and in bite-sized pieces. No prepared content will be longer than 10 minutes. Zoom calls will be time-stamped so someone can skip to the question that interests them. If you don’t care to watch the video, just listen to the session while on a walk or commuting.

I've given this A LOT of thought as I've tested different models with my clients. For sustainable results, "slow & steady" are key themes when we're asking busy professionals to integrate new ideas into their routine. Carving out big chunks of time in 30-60 days isn't practical and would be a wasted investment. I fully expect that engagement will ebb and flow for each person as "life happens" throughout the program.

I know. I get it. What happens if we don’t help this important group of stakeholders, though? What’s the opportunity cost of delaying relief, some optimism and the benefit of the community? I’ve structured the cadence and tools of the program to be accessible and digestible no matter where someone is with their book of business. I know that some AEs with larger clients are winding down into 4th quarter but hit it out of the gate in January preparing for big strategy meetings. AEs serving small to middle-market will still have their hair on fire in October. There will be bite-sized pieces and all meetings will be recorded for listening on demand.

YES! I once held twice weekly optional calls for an entire year for Account Executives that had a new business focus. 3-4 months into the series, someone finally admitted that they were a “voyeur” and had been dialing in but didn’t want to talk. Completely fine with me. I want engagement in whatever form makes sense. For the Zoom calls, you'll have the option to submit questions in advance and video is always optional.

The mood will be set by my point of view that this is a great industry that is filled with opportunity. We can acknowledge the challenges within the industry while staying focused on optimizing personal performance. It’s possible to do great work with less stress and some humor.

There will be no new content at the midpoint of the course (December 20 – January 5). This will allow you to catch up if that’s your jam or for others to just unplug (whether or not they’re current) realizing that everyone works at a different pace.  You need this time to recharge.

We’ll use the terms Bob, Betty and the oh-so-original “ABC Company” when posing questions in a group setting. If/when engaging with me directly, it’s your choice whether to delve into specifics. Any information shared will be treated with strict confidence.

While I’ve developed a framework for content, it will be influenced by who enrolls and what is desired. I plan to do quick pulse surveys at the end of each month to gain feedback and guidance. This initial founding group will influence content based on their engagement.

Yes. Email me at [email protected] and I'll get that set up properly. Let me know if you'll need an invoice or will be paying by credit card.

Yes, have the carrier contact me at [email protected] if they are sponsoring either all or part of the training. I can invoice them and issue a coupon to you to provide an AE to enroll in the course.

You'll have to check on your internal policies for learning & development. I can provide a receipt and will include whatever detail is required to expedite the approval and reimbursement process for you if the automated receipt isn't sufficient.

Of course. When a firm enrolls 5+ participants, I’ll include 3 bonus (October, January, and March) group coaching sessions with the participants from that firm.

Optimally, enrollment is on the website via credit card. Firms differ in their preference for payment for training & coaching, so I’ll make every effort to be flexible. If invoicing all or part of the fee is preferable, then let me know.

Enrollment will close 9/30. No exceptions.

I'll refund 100% of the fee if you don't think there was value after participating and providing feedback, when requested. I want this to work for you....not be a distraction or a drain.

Ready to get "unstuck" and refocused?

My priority is to get awesome, engaged participants into the program. If your firm has some exotic billing practice, let me know.


Charged at enrollment (set-up fee waived)

This option was designed to reward practices for up-front payment and to accommodate those requiring an invoice instead of credit card.

Enrollment is Closed - Register Here To Receive Advance Notice For The Next Session in 2020


$1,000 charged monthly September-February

This option was designed for practices needing to smooth out their investment between the 2019 and 2020 budget years.

Enrollment is Closed - Register Here To Receive Advance Notice For The Next Session in 2020

I'd like to learn more about enrolling myself or about how to sponsor one of my brokers.

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