Broadcast on LinkedIn Live March 24, 2021

0:00​ Context for our discussion
6:00​ Stakeholders and examples of communication materials
10:25​ Meet Natasha and discussion DEI
15:25​ What does inclusion mean?
18:15​ Talking Pronouns
23:40​ Representation matters
25:14​ Why organizations may want to update language
27:00​ Gen Z perspective including "strolling the stroll"
28:30​ Updating your pronouns
31:45​ What do we do when we get it wrong?
33:50​ Images (Beauty Myth)
40:00​ No playbook (get comfortable that this is evolving)
42:00​ Video (value of short-form content and adding captions)
45:20​ Questions about introducing vernacular
49:18​ Getting feedback - Mural recommendation
53:00​ Learning from your employees without placing the burden of extra work upon them
55:00​ Tips for getting started: join the conversation: 

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Natasha Porizkova



Natasha Porizkova serves as a DEI Manager for Nika White Consulting. She brings to the team years of experience as a marketer and content creator. She decided to pivot from marketing upon realizing her true passion and calling was for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Natasha now works to marry marketing and DEI to maximize impact and change.

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