If your prospect can't rationalize why to hire you, they won't.

Is it always SUPER clear why YOU should be their employee benefits advisor?

If not (or you're not sure) then grab these free resources to clarify your proposal & pitch.

Yes! Give them to me.

What I've pulled together for you....

  • Differentiating Yourself in a Competitive Process: A Broker Selection Case Study
  • 15-minute video excerpt from my "Modernizing Your Employee Benefits Practice" workshop PLUS tips for reviewing your sales collateral
  • The most requested PowerPoint slide I've been asked to share for you to rebrand and repurpose for your internal planning or training
Grab these ideas!

"Jenn, I wanted to let you know that I saw your case study while I was in the process of an RFP for a company with 500 employees. The timing was perfect! I had already had a 1.5 hour discovery phone call with the prospect upon receiving the RFP, which was a previous tip from you. After reading your article, I refocused and coached my team. 7 firms presented and we won...a unanimous decision one day after our presentation. The owner told me that there was some tough competition, but our team shined. Just like your case study said! "

Beth Ahrendt
Client Executive, Hylant

Do you ever run out of time preparing for finalist meetings?

I've been there. You're stretched-too-thin and fighting fires. Sometimes, you’re simply grateful to make the finalist round and nail down the logistics to get your team there. Don’t mistake that for the finish line, however. I've included some tips for "just-in-time" preparation.


I didn’t set out to be the Benefits Lady. It just happened along the way in this accidental employee benefits career that began with a practice interview at the UCLA career placement center nearly 30 years ago.

It makes me crazy that your great ideas and solutions don’t always make it to your ideal clients because of missed opportunities in the sales process.

I hope these tips help you grow (with less stress).

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