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Lead clients with confidence (and less stress 🎉) within the next 6 months

The Account Executive Academy

The industry's only program designed for client service
Led by an expert who actually understands how brokers work

Account Executive Academy 

Our industry's only coaching program designed for client service.
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There's never been a better time to be an Account Executive.

Your expertise impacts thousands of employees and their families.

Challenging? Yes.

Tremendous opportunity? Yes. 

Account Executive Academy

In this six-month program led by industry expert Jenn Walsh, Account Executives nationwide collaborate to enhance client leadership skills and maximize their impact within their firm.

Clients hire you to be led and they fire you to be led 

 Now, more than ever, it's important that Account Executives are invested in, supported, and equipped to lead clients through the chaos. We'll tackle core components Q1 and stay connected (and learning) throughout Q2 in the Think Tank community. What's the Think Tank? An exclusive coaching program for graduates of the Account Executive Academy.


Change how you perceive and manage the distractions that are obstacles to doing great work, waste your time, and add stress. The Academy's simple tools will clarify what's getting in the way of your priorities.


Identify unique strengths and try new techniques to shift how you work. You'll navigate common confidence speedbumps including how to lead a client on complex issues without being the technical expert. 


Get curious in 2021 about your career possibilities and gain a clear vision of your role in driving profitable growth for your firm. You'll lead your clients through their 2022 planning (EEK!) with renewed enthusiasm and increased decisiveness. 


This is not a generic "crucial conversations" or "the customer is always right" course. Content is actionable and relevant to the issues currently in your inbox because Jenn understands how brokers work. You'll save time, solve problems, and get a dose of inspiration. 


Choose focus over frustration as you acknowledge your role feels hard because it is. You and your firm aren't broken. Unlock new thinking & solutions in large & small group sessions. Plus access to national trends with peers who empathize and can help you!

Your Coach

Jenn Walsh @benefitslady

Dynamic real-time consulting about the employee benefits industry is integrated into this one-of-a-kind executive coaching program. Leadership skills are one thing...knowing when and how to refine and leverage them within your firm's ecosystem is another. Jenn's practical knowledge of how firms work means you'll have an unbiased, objective leader who can offer options to explore professionally and productively. Unlimited ad hoc questions are answered via VideoAsk. Plus every week you'll have the option to submit a specific deidentified challenge to be discussed within the group.

Jenn has just navigated her 30th busy season (2020 #pandemic edition) in her accidental benefits career. Explore the full journey on LinkedIn. She helps employee benefits executives and teams get unstuck and founded the AE Academy 18 months ago to serve key constituents in our industry -- client service teams. If you're committed to this industry, want to be less stressed, and can handle candor and a dose of humor... You're in the right place. 🎉 

How will you use VideoAsk?

This enables you to get personal feedback and an objective opinion without another meeting on your calendar. Leverage this extra support at any time, on just about any topic. It's efficient and flexible allowing your choice of video (encouraged), voice (scream if you must), and/or text. Test it out on this page to ask questions, or say hello! Are you in?  📣

Check Out VideoAsk - Say Hello!


"Overcome hurdles"


How would I describe the AE Academy? It's a group discussion of ideas and ways to overcome hurdles created by clients that we all face, no matter where we work or how big the clients are.

Sterling Seacrest Partners (Atlanta)


"Out of my comfort zone..."


I really liked the confidence and clarity modules the most.  Made me push myself out of my comfort zone to ask questions I normally wouldn't and to approach things with a different thought process. 

Catto & Catto (San Antonio)


"Empowered + Confident"


I feel empowered to have open and honest conversations with clients and colleagues. It's made me more confident in my consulting. It opened some doors that were jammed shut!

IMA (Wichita)

This isn't in addition to your work. It is your work.

The course comes to you via the Inbox/Calendar Challenge each week for 12 weeks. Through a combination of short lessons, you'll look for "hot spots" and challenges that we'll tackle in our group sessions. You'll identify opportunities to do your best work in less time from your own "list" plus what you learn from others. 

After the core Academy program, you'll continue practicing and learning with your peers over the last 3 months of the program. Because we didn't develop these habits overnight.

Discover how to: 

  • do great work without wasting time
  • lead your clients without being the technical expert
  • implement innovative solutions while protecting your clients from risk
  • convey expertise and confidence virtually
  • help your firm close new business without becoming a (gasp) salesperson
  • ask for what you need, delegate and negotiate
  • and more...

Plus Jenn's SHIFT framework:

This process takes the emotion out of every situation that grinds your gears. Every. Single. One. 

Let's Get Started

The Academy

January - March

  • Weekly 60-minute Group Meeting (Recorded)
  • Optional 30-minute "office hour" after the group session
  • 12 Weekly challenges & lessons
  • Unlimited VideoAsk
  • See FAQs for additional details

Let's Keep Learning

Think Tank

April - June

  • Twice monthly 60-minute Group Meeting (Recorded)
  • Monthly theme & lesson 
  • Unlimited VideoAsk
  • This is an expanded Account Executive community who completed the core program and chose to stay involved
  • See FAQs for additional details

Every firm says their people are their difference.

Account Executive Academy founding sponsors invest in Client Service.


An Investment to Accelerate Growth

Can you and your firm afford to wait?



  • $1,500 Registration Fee
  • $630/month x 6

Single Pay


Save 10% ($480)

  • Credit card or Invoice Firm
  • December or January


Bonus Content

You'll have access to valuable & actionable content created outside of the program, too. For example, "Memorable Introductions" helps Account Executives develop relevant and impactful introductions for prospects and new client stakeholders. When this was introduced, everyone had an option to join Jenn in a small group session to refresh their introduction.










Enrollment Deadline December 31st